ACT and SAT - Free for the Taking!

You may already know that some students are eligible to take the ACT or SAT for free through fee waivers.  But did you know that third year high school students have the opportunity to take ACT or SAT for free during a school day through funding provided by our state? This is an incredible opportunity to empower students as they prepare for the "day after" graduation.

                                                            Location:  Ware Shoals High

                                                               February 27, 2018: ACT

                                                                  March 7, 2018:  SAT

Students, with input from their parents, can choose one assessment. For students on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), teams will meet to determine a student’s eligibility. Parents may elect for their children not to participate. Selection forms have been sent home with students and additional copies are available in the high school office. 

Need more information? Call Ware Shoals High School at 864-456-7923.  


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