District Issues RFP for Architectural and Engineering Services

Our district recently applied for and received funding for school renovations, made possible by our state legislature via the Abbeville Capital Improvement Funds. Our application was approved by the State Board of Education in August, and we are now seeking proposals from firms interested in completing the specified renovations - bathroom facility renovations at all schools and window replacement at the primary school. We are grateful recipients of these funds, and we look forward to continuing to improve the learning environment at our schools!



  1. Have specific projects been identified and defined for this RFP?  We received state funding for bathroom renovations at all schools and for window replacement at one school.
  2. Have budgets for specific projects been identified and defined for this RFP? Rough estimates were used for each project in applying for state funding, but we are not bound by those estimates.
  3. Have maximum construction cost been defined and not to be exceeded per year and/or per project? We received $853,000 for these projects and hope to stay within that budget for the identified projects. 
  4. Is The District accepting responses from Engineering firms as well? Yes.

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