Valentine's Day - No deliveries to schools

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and we want to inform you that schools may not accept deliveries of flowers, balloons, candy, etc. We can, however, suggest an alternative.

If you wish to purchase flowers, balloons, etc. for your child, the local florist can send a gift card to the school, notifying him or her to stop by the shop to pick up a special surprise. Gift cards can be distributed at school without disruption to the learning process and in a discreet way so as not to embarrass children who do not receive them.

Occasional deliveries to the school during the year are allowed, but we do not allow balloons or flowers in glass vases on the buses at any time.  If you choose to send your child something of this type for his/her birthday, please provide a ride home that day if your child usually rides a bus.

Thanks for your cooperation!


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