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Career and Technology Education:  The mission of South Carolina's Office of Career and Technology Education (CTE) is to provide leadership and services to districts and schools who support career and technical instruction for students in grades seven through twelve.  Ware Shoals School District 51 provides a variety of CTE opportunities to our students and opportunities are available for students to take courses offered at the G.Frank Russell Technology Center in Greenwood.   

Business Information Management Course Offerings

Environmental and Natural Resources Course Offerings

Horticulture Course Offerings


Gifted and Talented Eduction: 

Student Identification

The identification of gifted and talented students is a multi-step process which consists of screening and referral, assessment of eligibility, and placement. The objective of the grade 2 testing program is to evaluate each student for the purpose of placement into a district gifted and talented program.

Dimension A. In accordance with State Board Regulation 43-220, students must meet the criteria for two out of the three dimensions outlined in this law. Dimension A (Reasoning Abilities) requires students to demonstrate high aptitude (93rd national age percentile) in one or more of these areas: verbal/linguistic, quantitative/mathematical, nonverbal, and/or a composite of the three. Scores on the CogAT may be used for this purpose.

Dimension B. Dimension B (High Achievement in Reading and/or Mathematical Areas) of the regulation requires that students demonstrate high achievement in reading and/or mathematical areas (94th national percentile and above) as measured by a nationally normed or statewide assessment. Scores on the Iowa Assessments (IA) may be used for this purpose.

The results from the administration of the aptitude (CogAT) and achievement (IA) tests are entered into the Gifted Identification Forms and Tasks (GIFT) software program, which identifies students who automatically qualify for a gifted and talented program. GIFT also identifies those students who may benefit from a secondary screening using the Performance Task Assessments (Dimension C).

Dimension C. Dimension C (Intellectual/Academic Performance) requires students to demonstrate a high degree of interest in and commitment to academic and/or intellectual pursuits or demonstrate intellectual characteristics such as curiosity/inquiry, reflection, persistence/tenacity in the face of challenge and creative productive thinking. One of the methods by which these characteristics may be demonstrated is with a score of sixteen on either the verbal or nonverbal component of the Performance Task Assessments for grade 3 placement

* For more information please visist South Carolina Department of Education's Website or call your child's school.  

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Ware Shoals School District 51 does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, sex, national origin/ethnic origin or disability in its admissions policies, programs or activities.


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