Board of Education

The board's primary goal is to provide learning activities for children that will promote their intellectual, social and emotional growth and permit them to become responsible and productive members of society.

The board is committed to the employment of a superintendent who will see that the district maintains a position as an outstanding school system. Under the leadership of the superintendent personnel will carry out the policies of the board with imagination and dedication. The district will educate all students as appropriate to the best of their individual abilities. The board is committed to a constant awareness of the concerns and desires of the whole community regarding the quality and performance of the school system.

Additionally, the board commits itself to the following objectives:

  1. To adopt and revise as necessary, written policies that will ensure appropriate educational programs;
  2. To employ personnel to carry out the programs and provide, within its resources, the best possible working conditions;
  3. To conduct its business openly so as to maintain two-way communication with the various publics served by the schools;
  4. To evaluate the success of the district's programs and respond appropriately.