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Students Return Thursday, August 17th Ware Shoals School District

We welcome students back to school this Thursday, August 17th. Here is some information from each school about arrival time. Remember, attending school each day and on time is very important

High School: 

Breakfast is served from 7:30 – 7:50 . From 7:15 until 7:30, students must enter the school through the front door and go to breakfast or to the gym. After 7:30, they may enter the back gate and go to breakfast or the gym. The first bell rings at 7:52. On the first day, all students are to report to the gym when the first bell rings.


The instructional day begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m.  Students should be in their seats and ready for instruction to begin at 8:00 a.m. We value the instruction our students receive on a daily basis, as it is the most important area of school life.  


Doors open at 7:15, and free breakfast for all is served between 7:15 and 7:50. Students must arrive by 7:40 in order to eat, and car riders should arrive no later than 7:50 in order to avoid being tardy at 8:00. It takes time for students to make their way into school and walk to their classrooms.

School Registration Information

Registration for the 2017-18 school year will take place August 2, 2017 from 11AM until 7PM. This year we are doing online registration at school, with assistance of school personnel if needed.

Fees:    $5.00 for an agenda - all schools

             $25.00 technology fee at WSE/M and WSHS (students receive a laptop for use at home & school)

Parents of 4 year old students are required to attend an orientation session, which will take place at 1PM on registration day.

Parents of students new to our district should bring their child's birth certificate, social security card, and immunization records.

If you have any questions, please call the school.

We will see you in 2 weeks!

District Goes 1:1!

Our school district is committed to LEARNING, SERVING, and LEADING. We believe in providing our students every opportunity possible to be successful and to be prepared for the DAY AFTER graduation!
We have been gradually moving to implement the 1:1 digital conversion. This coming year, we will meet our goal of issuing devices to each student! 
In order to help defray maintenance costs, a technology fee of $25 will be required for all students at the Elementary / Middle School (5th-8th) and the High School (9th-12th).The fee will be collected on August 2nd, which is registration day. We wanted to let parents know now in order to be be prepared. Some may wish to set aside $5 per week from now until then to cover the fee.
No technology fee will be charged students at the primary school. Each child will receive a computer to use at school, but will not take it home.
We are excited about being able to provide this valuable resource for our students!
As Dr. Mark Edwards, former superintendent of Mooresville Graded Schools in Mooresville, NC, said, "Digital conversion is today's great equalizer because it includes every student, enables individualized learning, and makes extended learning outside school hours possible for all students, not just those fortunate enough to have a computer at home."

Football and Volleyball Schedules

Click the link above to access the schedules

Graduation in WSHS Auditorium at 7PM Thursday, May 25

Graduation will be held in the WSHS auditorium tomorrow at 7PM. We have had so much rain that the field will not be dry enough in time for the ceremony. 

Each graduate has 8 tickets for family members and friends. 
We have an elevator for ticketed guests who require assistance. Enter on the side of the high school beside the library. Students from Squad 51 will be on hand to assist. 
No guests are allowed in the cafeteria before or after the ceremony, as we will be assembling the graduates prior to and handing out the graduation packets afterward.
The library will be set up for those who wish to watch the ceremony being live-streamed. 
The ceremony is also being broadcast live via the link that was posted on Facebook Tuesday, May 23.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.
Congratulations, Class of 2017!

LINK TO WATCH LIVE: https://livestream.com/wssd51/2017grad


District Seeks Principal for Ware Shoals Primary School

A letter of interest and a current resume should be sent to:

Dr. Fay Sprouse, Superintendent


Applications will be accesssed via CERRA. Closing date/time for accepting application materials is June 7th at noon. We reserve the right to extend the deadline, if needed.

See our Employment link for additonal information.

Ware Shoals District 51 is committed to equal opportunity. The policy of the district is not to discriminate on the basis of race, sex, national origin, religion, age, handicap or disability.

VOTE today!

The School Board election is today, May 9th.  Please vote if you’re a resident of our district and remind your family and friends to do so as well. 


Registered voters who live in Laurens, Abbeville, or Greenwood County within our district’s attendance zone may vote.  Residency within the town limits of Ware Shoals is not required. 


School board elections are so very important!  Members formulate policy and make tough decisions on complex educational and social issues that impact our community. Their decisions and actions affect the present and future lives of our community’s children.



Invitation for Bids - Riegel Stadium ADA Project

An "Invitation for Bids" for four separate projects at Riegel Stadium has been posted under "Forms and Links."

2017-18 Calendar
See Something, Say Something!

On Friday and Monday, our town and our district were faced with threats that were posted to social media. Due to the fast action of citizens who informed law enforcement and the decisive action of our local police department, the subjects responsible have been arrested. Subjects remain incarcerated at this time. If any make bail, we will be notified. Additional updates will be posted to this site and to our Facebook page as needed.

The action we want to reinforce is “See Something, Say Something.” Here’s a message from the US Dept. of Homeland Security:

Across the nation, we're all part of communities. In cities, on farms, and in the suburbs, we share everyday moments with our neighbors, colleagues, family, and friends. It's easy to take for granted the routine moments in our every day—going to work or school, the grocery store or the gas station. But your every day is different than your neighbor’s—filled with the moments that make it uniquely yours. So if you see something you know shouldn't be there—or someone's behavior that doesn't seem quite right—say something. Because only you know what’s supposed to be in your everyday. Informed, alert communities play a critical role in keeping our nation safe. "If You See Something, Say Something™" engages the public in protecting our homeland through awareness–building, partnerships, and other outreach.


Thanks for your support of our district and our students!

Dr. Fay Sprouse, Superintendent

Greenwood Promise - Registration Begins February 1st!

Online Registration for current high school seniors will begin this Wednesday, February 1st

Go to http://www.greenwoodpromise.com and click the Promise Portal Login link in the top right hand corner.   

Our district will host "Greenwood Promise Night" on February 16th at 6PM. The informational meeting will be held at the Ware Shoals Community Library.

This meeting is for all parents and students who reside in our school district. We hope to see you there!


We Appreciate our School Board!

January is School Board Recognition Month. Please join us in thanking Shanon Calvert, Bruce Holland, Scott Horne, Debbie Lake, and Joey Ward for their service to our children and to our community. 
The board meets Monday, January 23 at 6PM in the WS Community Library conference room. All meetings are public and you are welcome to attend.
Stand Up 4 WSSD51!

School Board

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Observed

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

                         Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Snow and Ice for Our Area Possible this Weekend

The weather forecast suggests that we may have some slippery weather this weekend, possibly into Monday. So, now is a good time to remind you of our procedures for announcing school closings or delays.

You will receive a call/text/email from our district message system - if you have supplied us with correct contact information. It is very important for you to notify us if your phone number or address changes during the school year.

Information will also be shared on the district website at www.gwd51.org, on Facebook -www.facebook.com/wareshoals51, and local TV stations.  Please DO NOT call the school or district.

The decision to cancel school or to operate on a 1 or 2 hour delay is usually made by 6AM.

Ware Shoals school closings or delays may be shown or announced as Ware Shoals School District 51, Greenwood School District 51, or ALL Greenwood County Schools.

Please be safe!

Homecoming 2016 Highlight: Band Reunion

We were so happy to have alumni band members join current band members on the field during Homecoming 2016. We look forward to a repeat performance next year!

Dropout Data for 2015-16
Varsity to Play Thursday at 7PM at McCormick

The varsity football game at McCormick has been rescheduled for THURSDAY at 7PM.

The C-Team will play here tomorrow evening at 6PM as scheduled.

Hornets Play at Home this Evening
4K and 5K Registration

Registration will be held on February 20-24, 2017.  See article for more information.

Greenwood Promise Scholarship Program Launches!

Business and Industry Showcase Coming Soon!


Freshmen and Sophomores Will Attend