A/B Days Procedures:

The front doors will open at 7:15AM each day. Prior to 7:30AM, you must enter through the front doors and proceed to the auditorium.  Starting at 7:30AM you may enter through the front or the back gate nearest the lunchroom. If you do not wish to eat breakfast, please proceed directly to the gym.

After 7:30AM, if you wish to eat breakfast, you may leave the auditorium via the side stairway to the lunchroom to pick it up and proceed to the gym. Those not eating breakfast will remain in the auditorium. 

We will follow the bell schedule attached to this article. The baseball stands and the gym are the designated areas for lunch. You will be called by classroom to go through the lunch line and proceed to either of the two areas. Social distance must be maintained in either area.

Early afternoon bus riders will be excused a couple of minutes early to go to the cafeteria and pick up meals for the next day, followed by the remaining bus riders/car riders/walkers. You’ll exit the building though the cafeteria after getting your meals.

Sr.’s with early dismissal after 4th/5th/6th periods will pick up their meals for the next day before leaving campus.

Please bring your own water, as the fountains are disconnected. We will soon have portable stations for refilling water bottles.

On the first day you will be issued a school mask (see image). Students will be required to wear their school issued mask at all times (unless socially distanced in a classroom as defined by your teacher).

If you forget your school issued mask, you may purchase a disposable one for $1.

2020-2021 Bell Schedule


Regular Schedule                           

  8:00 –   8:50     1st Period (50 minutes) *                                    

  8:54 –   9:42     2nd Period (48 minutes)                                

  9:46 – 10:34     3rd Period (48 minutes)  

10:38 – 11:28     4th Period  (48 minutes)               

11:32 – 12:20     5th Period (48minutes)

12:20 –   1:10     LUNCH     (50 minutes)

  1:15 –   2:03     6th Period (48 minutes)           

  2:07 –   3:00     7th Period (53 minutes) **