On Wednesday afternoon, September 23, 2020, we were notified that a student who plays football tested positive for COVID-19. We immediately took action, and by 9pm last night the following was accomplished:

  • Football practice was cancelled and games postponed.
  • We used our Automated Calling System to inform parents/guardians of the student’s teammates and classmates.
  • Nurses began contact tracing with teachers’ and coaches’ help. They began notifying close contacts to inform them of their quarantine status. The priority was to notify Group A (Purple Hornets) of their quarantine status so they would not attend school today. Nurses stopped making calls at 9PM. They completed notifications today for Group B (Gold Hornets).
  • Classrooms and football facilities were deep cleaned.
  • We combined 2 bus routes for this morning and used our Automated Calling System to send a message to riders whose bus may run late.

 In order to avoid potential spread, we have asked all 41 players and 4 coaches to self-quarantine for 14 days per DHEC/CDC guidelines. Quarantine is used to separate close contacts from others to see if they become sick. Those quarantining should stay home and avoid contact with others until the 14 days is over. This includes people in their household to the extent possible.

 Our daily safety protocols will continue – face masks, social distancing, hand washing, disinfecting classrooms and hallways between classes, etc. The school nurse will closely monitor students who attended class with the COVID positive student, but were not close contacts, for the next 2 weeks. This includes temperature checks and monitoring for symptoms.

 Football games scheduled for the next 2 weeks are postponed. Those who bought tickets for this Friday’s game will receive a refund. Student refunds will be issued Monday and Tuesday, and others will be issued Tuesday-Friday during school hours at the Ware Shoals Community Library. Bring your ticket to show proof of purchase.

If you have questions or concerns, our district nurse, Tonja Lindle, will be glad to speak with you. Her number is 864-377-0587. If you have questions about getting a refund, call Ware Shoals High School at 864-377-0578. Additional information about COVID-19 may be found on our website and on the DHEC and CDC websites.

 We want to assure you that we are prepared to handle these situations, and we will always keep you informed. We rely on you to let us know immediately if a student or family member tests positive, though, so that we can keep others safe. If your child has symptoms, do not send him/her to school. Call to let us know so that we can monitor the class. Thank you for your continued support during these trying times!

Fay Sprouse, Superintendent