COVID-19 times are like no other. Everyone is learning to deal with changes that come, sometimes daily. As we prepared to return to school five days a week on November 23rd, we saw a change - the community spread in our counties and in our state had begun to increase. In the past seven days, the "risk" level has risen from 190.6 (Medium) to 252.8 (High). In the interest of student safety, our school board voted unanimously to delay returning to school until January 14th, the first day of the second semester. This results in 23 more days of our hybrid schedule.
Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are fast approaching. In order to prevent further spread of the virus, holiday traditions which normally bring people together to 'eat, drink, and be merry' should be put on hold until next year. Celebrate in small groups with those you spend time with on a regular basis. If you do spend time with family or friends from out of town, practice social distancing, wear masks, and wash hands frequently. Stay outdoors while visiting, if possible!

We want the holidays to be safe ones for our Ware Shoals Hornets family so that we can all come back together on the first day of the second semester, which will be Thursday, January 14. We look forward to that day!

Be safe, be diligent, be positive, be understanding, be patient, and be hopeful!