All students currently on hybrid schedule will attend school beginning Monday February, 22nd. Those who arrive between 7:15 and 7:30 will report to the auditorium (through the front entrance) and await the opening of the cafeteria at 7:30. Those arriving after 7:30 may enter through either the front entrance or the side entrance to the cafeteria. Students not eating breakfast AND arriving after 7:30 will report directly to their 1st period  class. If you desire to eat breakfast you are to report directly  to the cafeteria and do so BEFORE you  report to your 1st period class. If you are not eating, you will be asked to leave the area.

Your 5th period teacher will explain lunch procedures to you.  Class meetings will be held on Tuesday beginning with Freshmen at 8:10 and continuing  by class on the hour ending with the Seniors at 11:00.

Mask and ID policies will be strictly enforced upon return.