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WSSD 51 District Safety Coordinator

ERIC K. COX  WSSD 51 District Safety Coordinator

Phone: 864-377-0609

Email: ericcox@gwd51.org


Piedmont Technical College

South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy

Work Experience:

South Carolina Army National Guard

Retired Master Sergeant – 23 Years of Service

South Carolina Department of Public Safety

Retired First Sergeant – South Carolina Highway Patrol

25 Years of Service

Ware Shoals School District 51

District Safety Coordinator

2010 to Present

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  • Alive at 25 Instructor

  • American Heart Association BLS- CPR-AED Instructor

  • Alice Instructor

  • Certified CRASE Instructor – Texas State University

  • Safe Havens International Train the Trainer Course

  • FBI National Academy Associates, Inc. School Shooting Leadership Forum

  • Critical Incident Response Training Program – Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

  • Emergency Management Institute Courses (FEMA)


  • Developed Squad 51, a High School based student led First Responder Team. Squad 51 members are trained in CPR/AED, Tourniquet use and placement, First Aid procedures and how to conduct Blood Pressure Checks. They respond to all medical emergencies on campus and meet responding units and guide them to the location needed.

  • Worked with County Emergency Management Officials to place all of our school safety plans on the State Palmetto EOC Web System. This allows for instant sharing of our safety plans with outside agencies that respond to help during an emergency.

  • Working with our IT Department we were able to allow our local Law Enforcement Dispatch Center to have access to our school cameras. This allows them to have real time information during an emergency. We are able to test the cameras during our lock down drills.

  • Develop and practice school safety plans for active shooter and other emergency situations that may affect our School District.

  • Work and train with local and state officials on how we as a School District will respond during times of emergency situations.

  • Prepare detailed plans for sporting and large events held within our School District.

  • Conduct frequent in-service safety training classes with all faculty and staff, this also includes bus drivers and training of our substitute teachers working within our district.

  • Often called upon to speak to parent, church and civic groups about our school safety plans and procedures.