*100% of our district is 1:1 take-home devices from k-4 through 12th grade. K-4 through first grade utilize iPads and Second grade through twelfth grades have laptops.

*Refreshed the third and fourth-grade laptops with new Dell 3190s.

*Implemented approx. 70 mobile hotspots for students without broadband access at home.

*Upgraded iBoss firewall appliance and maintenance agreement.

*Upgraded Lab 215 at WSHS with (25) new 32” Havoc gaming computers.

*Upgraded Lab 218 at WSHS with (25) Dell 7070 All-in-One computers.

*Upgraded Library computers at WSPS with (25) All-in-one computers.

*Upgraded our Areohive wireless platform to Extreme IQ wireless platform.

*Installed dedicated fiber connectivity to the football and baseball press boxes, added cameras and wifi in both locations.

*Installed dedicated fiber connectivity to the Traynham Center.

*Installed computers, wifi, cameras and a phone in the McElwee house for our new bus office.

*Utilized Net Support to monitor and teach in a COVID-friendly environment.

*Purchased and set up CATE iPad set.

*Installed “Red Phones” at all locations. These phones are dedicated phones for emergencies in case of power outages.

*Installed “man catch doors” at WSMS and WSPS with ID access.

*Fully implemented the One to One Plus work order and inventory system. This system allows work order, inventory, and damage invoicing to faculty & parents.

*Implemented CacheBox server funded by ERATE for a video repository for the district. This also improves bandwidth utilization for the district.

*Implemented Safari Montage for the school district.

*In Food Services, moved from LunchBox to Mosaic software.

*Set up over 100 visitor IDs for the Ware Shoals Community Fitness Center.

*Set up breakout rooms at all locations for COVID treatment and testing.

*Installed new touch panels at WSMS and WSPS.

*Migrated our Energy Manage services to cloud services.

*Maintained and upgraded power management for the district server room.

*Implemented and improved our remote software deployment to install software to any device at any location in our district.

School Year 2019-20

*  Established a disaster recovery process that backs up district data to Clemson University's research park.  This project was funded by the SCDE.

*  Set up and delivered a new iPad to every teacher at Ware Shoals Primary School.

*  Completely switched off of district owned fiber to Spirit/Segra fiber optic cable.  This relieves our district responsibility of repairing future breaks in our connectivity.

*  Established a technology/security process to protect our students and data in an emergency.

*  Refreshed HP Streams for ALL WSHS student devices.

*  Upgraded the fixed lab at the Ware Shoals Primary School with 40 All-in-one Dell Optiplex desktops.

*  Set up an Instagram page for Ware Shoals School District 51, follow us on Instagram @ware_Shoals_51

*  Increased bandwidth at the HS/DO to 1 GB and 500 MB at the other two schools.

School Year 2018-2019

*  Installed 26 iMacs in the CATE lab at WSHS over Thanksgiving holidays.

*  Upgraded webpage over Christmas holidays.

*  WSSD App in the Apple App Store and Google Play

@ware_shoals_51 Twitter account established

*  Upgraded network switches throughout the district.

*  Added cameras and upgraded camera software throughout the district.

*  Added 2 televisions in the HS Cafeteria