Destination Graduation...This Is Your Year


Our district is committed to preparing our students to be productive and successful citizens. From the first day of kindergarten up until graduation day, we focus on ensuring that our students have the knowledge, skills, and characteristics needed to be able to continue education after graduation, enter the military, and/or enter the work force.

We cannot do this alone. Our students need the support of trusted adults who ensure that their basic needs are met. Students need proper nutrition and rest so that they are ready to learn when they arrive at school. They need adults who set limits for them, providing structure and discipline. All of us should have high expectations for our students, and we should encourage them each day.

When your children come home from school, talk to them about what happened that day. Stay involved in their education and be sure to communicate with teachers and principals. Together, we will make it possible for each and every student to reach that ultimate DESTINATION...GRADUATION!

From this year's CLASS OF 2020 to the future CLASS OF 2033 we are LEARNING, SERVING, LEADING together for your success!