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The Hybrid Model was approved during the July 20, 2020 board meeting. The plan will be submitted to the State Department of Education for approval. The Instructional Task Force has provided this description of the A/B Hybrid Learning Model. The Hybrid Learning Model also includes eLearning, if conditions are too risky for students to return to school. Here, we focus on the A/B instructional model.

Instructional Model for WSSD51 Hybrid Learning:

Students will be assigned to the “A Day” group OR the “B Day” group.  Assignments will be made using the students’ last name.  Priority will be given to children living in the same household with different last names.  Students will be assigned to their group as soon as possible, but it will not occur until after the registration window for the WSSD51 Distance Learning closes. This will ensure the two groups (A group and B group) are as even as possible.  Students assigned to group A will report to the building on Mondays and Thursdays. Students assigned to group B will report to the building on Tuesdays and Fridays. Wednesday will be an eLearning day for all students. This recommendation is designed to allow face to face interaction between students and teachers throughout the week.  Using the AA/BB model students would have 5 days without face to face interaction with their teacher.  The AB/AB model will allow face to face academic support throughout the week.

Using this model will greatly reduce class sizes during in-person instruction which follows the CDC recommendations for reducing the risk of exposure.  With lower class sizes, teachers will have more time to work individually with students and provide greater personalized support. At the end of their in-person class, students will be given their independent learning assignment for the next day.

On the days students are not physically present in school, they should be prepared to participate in eLearning activities using the Learning Path at home.  Students will not have direct contact with their teacher on the independent learning days, but the expectation is that they complete their assignments as if they are in school. Teachers will be able to provide feedback regarding the independent learning work the next day that students are in attendance.

Students will be expected to complete all work assigned - on both their in-person days and e-Learning days. Independent learning assignments will count towards their grade. In grades 3-12 thirty minutes per academic class (math, science, ELA, social studies, credit bearing classes) should be dedicated to eLearning.  Their independent learning days are just as important as their in-person learning days.

Independent learning assignments will be engaging and meaningful.