Currently (as of November 16th) there are two (2) positive COVID-19 cases in our district, both students.  Twenty-five (25) students are quarantined for being close contacts to someone who tested positive, and two (2) staff members are quarantined. Since starting school on August 27th, we have had a total of 11 staff members and four (4) students test positive. DHEC reports the number of cases in schools and districts in South Carolina each week on Tuesday and Friday at 

Our school district nurses and DHEC work hand in hand, so that when a positive case is reported to us by a parent or identified at a testing site, the information is relayed from us to DHEC or from DHEC to us.  When a positive case is reported, our nurses conduct contact tracing, identifying all who have had close contact with the positive case, either at school or at home. Close contacts are asked to self-quarantine for 14 days. This is a proven strategy to keep community spread under control.

We assure you that we are prepared to handle these situations, and our goal is to  always keep you informed. We rely on you to let us know immediately if a student or family member tests positive so that we can keep others safe. If your child has symptoms, do not send him/her to school. 

Call our district nurse Tonja Lindle (864-377-0587) or the DHEC Care Line (855-472-3432) if you have any questions or concerns.