Dr. Owens Sharing Details and Progress of the After School program at Ware Shoals Primary School

Dr. Kem Owens, Director of the After School Program at Ware Shoals Primary, shared program details and student progress at the May school board meeting. The program started virtually in October of 2020 but has now progressed to full time face-to-face programming. Students work hard to improve their ELA and Math skills, and they are getting excellent results! 

This is a program where students have fun while working in small groups.  Nutritious snacks are provided each day, too. Family engagement is an important component of the program.

The After School Program will wrap up next week, but Summer School Program planning is already underway. These programs are made possible by a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant and Save the Children, an international organization that works to ensure educational opportunities for all, but especially children in rural, impoverished communities.

We are thrilled to be a partner with Save the Children to provide additional opportunities for our children to learn and to be successful on their path to their DESTINATION...GRADUATION!