Program for 2022 Hall of Fame inductees pictured

Our community and schools are steeped in history, and we have many who have paved the path for our district's existence and tradition of excellence. On September 23rd, we honored five influential individuals who walked our halls and paved that path. The five inductees have been so impactful in all that they set out to do, in the challenges they faced, and in the opportunities they had. They used their talents to make a difference in our world! 

Always remember that small towns and small schools do not create boundaries. They provide rich experiences and fertile ground for growth.  

The Class of 2022 Hall of Fame:


Mrs. Ann Simmons Dean Parks, Distinguished Alumni


Mr. John C. Adams, Distinguished Alumni

Mr. Felton Burton, Distinguished Alumni

Mr. Howard “Slick” Drake, Benefactor / Contributor

Dr. Jim Knight, Distinguished Alumni

Go to our district website to learn about these inductees and others previously inducted into the Hall of Fame.